28 June 2011

Hello prospective blog readers :)

Welcome to what will soon be a window into my thoughts and feelings on various things in my life. I can't promise that these thoughts will always be pretty, unbiased or perfectly articulated, however I promise that they will always be funny, over the top and honest. 

To put you in the picture, let me start by saying that I am currently going through a quarter life crisis...I am unemployed for the first time in four years and I have NO CLUE as to what to do with myself or where I am meant to be going. Lucky for you, this means that I have a lot of spare time on my hands in between ripping out chunks of hair in sheer frustration at the lack of skilled employment available. So what's an unemployed, white girl to do in the meantime I hear you ask. Well, as the wise decrepit sages of old put it, "idle hands gather no moss but um, busy hands make light work". So this is me, putting my hands to work if nothing but to preserve what little hair I have left.

That pretty much sums up the reason behind "anonperspective" as well as what you can expect. Feel free to read, enjoy and comment at will. Conflicting opinions and thoughts are also welcome although whether or not we will remain friends afterwards depends entirely on how conflicting your opinion is... 

That being said, I hope that the time you spend reading my "non-sense" will make you giggle and snort out loud but in an entirely socially acceptable manner. I am not liable for you freaking your colleagues and family out with your weird piggy laugh.

Coming soon : Prepare yourself for an exaggerated tale of adventure, deceit and tomfoolery

Beeg hug, leetle kees


1 comment:

  1. LOVE your work! :) Looking forward to many more posts xx